The essence of EYLF and MTOP

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What can Centre Support do for you?

We provide resources, training and support to LDC, preschools, kindergartens, OSHC and FDC services around Australia, including community based, not for profit and privately owned services. All our resources and training provide professional development opportunities which are eligible activities under the current Long Day Care Professional Development Programme. Our resources include:

  • Integrated Learning System which builds NQF knowledge and practices so you can be your best (with on-line training videos and a weekly “step by step” system that educators use to build your QIP)
  • EYLF and MTOP resources
  • policies
  • checklists
  • at call support via email or phone


Our support services include:

  • in-house training after hours for groups of educators eg EYLF, behaviour guidance, reflections and documentation and all NQS quality areas
  • in-house coaching and support for the Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader and educators
  • training courses and seminars at external venues
  • professional development conferences
    We also partner with the Australian Community and Education College, a Registered Training Organisation that provides approved early childhood education and care Certificate III and Diploma qualifications. The course work links directly to our Integrated Learning System.

Do your job well, achieve exceeding, but don’t take it home.

Your family deserves better. That’s what Centre Support offers you.

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    29 October 2016

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    5 November 2016

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    12 November 2016

    Sunshine Coast QLD

    26 November 2016

    Mildura VIC

    3 December 2016


    DO NOT MISS OUT - Places limited and filling quickly. More locations will be listed shortly. Visit our Conference Page for more info.

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