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Why do we have policies?

Why do we have policies? What do you do when parents insist that things are done in a way which doesn’t comply with your policies?

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Reducing childrens’ stress levels

We all seem to be rushing everywhere nowadays. Even when we’re sitting still we’re likely to be using our smart phones, looking at Facebook, alternating between TV screens and computer screens.

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Safety for Family Day Care

Safety is a critical issue for any childcare service. For family day carers there are likely to be extra safety matters to consider in and around the home. These matters may be in addition to the extra regulations covering things like safety glass and water hazards.    The “Family Day Care Safety Guidelines” booklet published by Kidsafe NSW and has loads of information on many things including … read more

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Mental health of preschoolers

Mental health is increasingly being recognised as a crucial part of people’s overall health. According to a recent study by Flinders University, 1 in 10 children under the age of 5 experiences mental health problems.

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Toddlers’ language skills and their emotional development

It might seem logical that young children with well developed language skills are better at managing their emotions than those with slower language development.

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National Regulations 90 – 96 Medical Conditions Recently we heard about the tragic case of 16 year old boy who died following an anaphylactic reaction from eating a walnut biscuit at school. This case highlights how important it is to identify any child at risk of anaphylaxis

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