Annual Leave Policy


To promote the safety and wellbeing of all staff and children by ensuring staff take appropriate periods of annual leave every year.


All employees, other than casual employees, are entitled to annual leave. Annual leave entitlements are calculated using employees’ base pay rate for all ordinary hours of paid work up to 38 hours per week. The base rate does not include overtime rates, penalties, allowances or bonuses. The maximum annual entitlement each year is four weeks paid annual leave which accumulates if not taken. (Any employees rostered to work on Sundays or public holidays may be entitled to five weeks annual leave.)

Annual leave does not include public holidays where the employee would normally have worked on the day of the public holiday. Employees who are sick or injured while on annual leave can use any available paid sick or carer’s leave entitlement subject to providing suitable evidence of the illness or injury as outlined in the Personal Leave Policy.

Annual leave payments will include an additional leave loading of 17.5%. Any entitlement remaining after termination of employment will be paid to the employee.

Employees may take annual leave if they complete a leave application at least 4 weeks before they intend to take leave and this will not adversely affect the operation of the Service. The Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor will ensure they have enough staff/relief staff to accommodate staff absences, and will not unreasonably decline an application for leave.

When considering whether or not to approve an application for leave, the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor may consider any other staff applications for leave which have already been submitted or approved for the requested period. Employees should provide as much notice of intended leave as possible to ensure the highest chance of approval. Leave cannot be taken in advance ie employees cannot take leave if they have not yet accrued the entitlement to leave.

Early childhood teachers in preschools or kindergartens must take annual leave during non-term weeks, preferably during the four weeks immediately following the final term week of the year.

All other employees must take annual leave during the Christmas vacation if directed to do so by the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor. Employees without sufficient accrued leave entitlements may be directed to take unpaid leave for up to four weeks.  Employees in services that operate for more than 48 weeks a year may also be directed to take annual leave during periods the service is closed if given at least 4 week’ notice.

To ensure employees’ health and wellbeing, and that of the children, employees must take annual leave every year. At their discretion, the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor may allow employees to accumulate their leave entitlement to a maximum of 8 weeks.  Under the Children’s Services Award 2010 and Education Services (Teachers) Award 2020, employees who accumulate more than 8 weeks leave are considered to have an ‘excessive leave accrual’ and there are special provisions that employers and employees may follow in relation to the  application and approval of annual leave. This includes directions by the employer to take leave.

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7.1.2 Management systems – Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.

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The policy will be reviewed annually by the Approved Provider, Supervisors, Employees, Families and any committee members.

Reviewed : 10-20-2021
Date for next review : 10-20-2022