Assessment and Rating – Preparation Display and Records


Assessment and Rating – Preparation Display and Records

We advise you display:

Issue Any comments Source
The curriculum where parents can easily access it Best practice
Information about the EYLF or MTOP where parents can easily see it Reg 75
Current art and craft Best practice
Code of Conduct/Ethics Best practice
Service Philosophy Best practice
Prescribed information in foyer (see template ‘Display – what you must display’ Reg 173
Weekly menu Reg 80
Emergency and evacuation floor plans and instructions near exits Reg 97
Phone numbers of emergency services near phones Best practice
Hand washing, nappy changing and toileting procedures Best practice
Diagrams for cough and sneeze etiquette Best practice
Food safety procedures eg 4 hour 2 hour rule Best practice
No smoking signs Best practice
Sign where First Aid Kit and Emergency/Safe Refuge Kit located Best Practice
Sign where Medication located Best Practice
Sign where hazardous substances located Best Practice
‘Alert charts’ or medical management plans/ risk minimisation plans. Permission is obtained from parents before displaying these plans in areas where other families or visitors may see them. Best Practice
QIP Best practice
Outdoor supervision plan Best practice
Staff photos and qualifications Best practice

 Preparations should include:

Issue Any Comments
Staff records – child protection clearance, qualification certificates, qualification transcripts if working towards, first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma qualifications
Children’s records – critical reflections, evidence of planning and assessment, enrolment records
Service records – current insurance,
Records of educators working directly with children (sign in/out sheets),  of incidents, injuries and illnesses, medication records
Quality Improvement Plan up to date
Risk assessment which was undertaken to identify potential emergencies
Risk assessment undertaken before excursions
Records of emergency and evacuation rehearsals
Sign in/sign out sheets
Designation of Educational Leader in writing
Any waivers including for ECTs if you don’t have required numbers (not for OSHC)
Records of students and volunteers
Policies and policy contents table showing review dates
Child immunisation records
Medications eg current, legible labels with child’s name
Hazardous substances have MSDS and match register