Babysitting Policy


To ensure private babysitting arrangements do not adversely affect the reputation of the service, or affect an employee’s ability to implement their responsibilities in a professional manner.


Employees must always act in a professional manner. Employee actions or inactions, whether inside the service or outside working hours, can uphold the good standing of the service within the community or potentially damage the service’s reputation. This is particularly the case where employees may engage in child related activities like babysitting.

If babysitting for service families, it is also important that educators ensure they do not treat those children differently, for example more favourably, than other children at the service.

For these reasons employees must obtain the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor’s approval in writing before caring for children outside the Service.

A separate approval must be obtained for each babysitting engagement.

Educators will implement the Babysitting Procedure if they wish to babysit children outside work hours.

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Authorisation – Babysitting

Procedure – Babysitting


The policy will be reviewed annually by the Approved Provider, Supervisors, Employees, Families and any committee members.

Reviewed : 10-20-2021
Date for next review : 10-20-2022