Bike Safety Policy


To ensure all children can participate safely in bike riding activities that promote physical activity, learning through play and collaboration with peers.

New Bike Track

The Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor , together with educators and children, will design a track implementing as much of the following as possible:

  • locate away from main traffic areas or spaces for restful or creative activities
  • grade so children can move easily along track
  • include materials of different textures so children experience different vibration and sounds
  • include challenging elements like hills, mounds and speed humps if appropriate for age of children
  • use materials least likely to absorb and retain heat
  • cover with a shade structure or shady tree
  • include road features to reinforce road safety eg line markings, pedestrian crossings, stop and give way signs, traffic lights
  • include things like petrol stations, bus stops and gardens to encourage role play and collaborative learning
  • make 1200-1500 mm wide and have 1000 mm free space beside it and edge eg with rounded bricks or concrete.

Before children can ride bikes at the service

Nominated Supervisor responsibilities

The Nominated Supervisor will:

  • conduct risk assessment to plan how bikes can be used safely in different locations at the service and take action to eliminate or minimise risk to children from bike riding
  • ensure bikes at the service
  • are suitable for the ages of children at the service
  • comply with AS/NSZ 1927
  • are regularly inspected and maintained
  • inducts employees in the safe use of bikes.

Educator Responsibilities

Educators will:

  • teach children how to ride the bikes
  • teach children the bike safety rules
  • discuss bike safety behaviours and their expectations for consistent safe riding at the service
  • provide children with a bike licence containing their name and photo. Their licence may be revoked if they engage in unsafe behaviour or do not follow the service’s bike safety rules.

Children riding bikes at the service

  1. Educators will ensure all children consistently follow the bike safety rules

Bike safety rules

  • all bikes are ridden in one direction only
  • all children wear properly fitting helmets that comply with AS/NSZ 2063
    • helmet doesn’t move around on the head
    • chinstrap fastened firmly and not twisted
    • straps join in a ‘V’ just below the ears
    • helmets replaced after an impact or accident, or if materials split or deteriorate
    • sunhats worn under helmets in accordance with sun safe policy
  • no child can ride a bike if an educator is not supervising them
  • no child can collide with a stationary bike or one being ridden by a child
  • children can only overtake other children if it is safe
  • different age groups will ride in different places or at different times (insert service arrangements)
  • children who have finished riding must park their bike in the parking bay
  1. Nominated Supervisor provides road features to reinforce road safety eg line markings, pedestrian crossings, stop and give way signs, traffic lights
  2. Nominated Supervisor provides features like petrol stations, bus stops and gardens so educators can promote role play and collaborative learning

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National Quality Standard

2.1.3 Healthy lifestyle – Healthy eating and physical activity are promoted and appropriate for each child.

2.2.1 Supervision – At all times, reasonable precautions and adequate supervision ensure children are protected from harm and hazard.

3.1.1 Fit for purpose – Outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, fixtures and fittings are suitable for their purpose, including supporting the access of every child.

3.1.2 Upkeep – Premises, furniture and equipment are safe, clean and well maintained.

3.2.2 Resources support play-based learning – Resources, materials and equipment allow for multiple uses, are sufficient in number, and enable every child to engage in play-based learning.

Early Years Learning Framework

Outcome 3

Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing


Kidsafe NSW – Bike tracks

NSW Transport – Safety on wheels


The policy will be reviewed annually by the Approved Provider, Supervisors, Employees, Families and any committee members.

Reviewed : 10-20-2021
Date for next review : 10-20-2022