Cleaning – Daily Schedule and Procedure


Cleaning – Daily Schedule and Procedure OSHC


  • Some surfaces like bathrooms may need cleaning more than once a day. Clean Surfaces when visibly dirty.
    Use detergent to clean surfaces, rinse and dry.
  • Use disinfectant after detergent if surface is contaminated or could be contaminated with potentially infectious material (eg urine, faeces, vomit.)
  • Use bleach after detergent for blood spills.
  • Clean low shelves and other surfaces not often touched by children weekly or when visibly dirty.



Week beginning:          /           /                                      Time:

Sweep and mop floor          
Wash tap handles, tiles, sinks and basins, bench tops          
Tableware, utensils, food equipment after each use          
All Areas          
Remove garbage from bins          
Clean clutter from surfaces          
Sweep and mop hard floors          
Wipe benches and clean sinks          
Multipurpose tables before and after snacks/meals          
Surfaces the children or adults frequently touch          
Bench tops          
Cots, stretchers and tables          
Vacuum carpets/rugs (spot clean if necessary)          
Chairs and High Chairs          
Door knobs          
Glass sliding doors          
Toys and objects put in the mouth          
Mattress covers and linen          
Mattress covers, cushion covers and linen (if each child does not use same mattress cover/linen every day)          
Bathrooms/toilets (including adult toilet)          
Sweep and mop floor including behind the toilets          
Wash tap handles, toilet seats, tiles, sinks and mirrors          
Scrub toilets with brush inside and out, wipe clean cistern and pipes          
Refill soap dispensers/toilet rolls/paper towel  if required          
Hallways & Educators room          
Sweep and mop floor and vacuum carpets          
Sweep and mop floor thoroughly          
Remove human/ animal waste or dangerous objects, expose remaining sand to sun, rake regularly during the day – replace sand completely if heavily contaminated.