Curriculum – Audit Monthly


Curriculum – Audit Monthly

Curriculum includes


Curriculum is based on children’s interests and everyday lives
Projects can extend for days/ weeks
There are regular excursions within the local community
Community representatives interact with children at the center
Activities explore children’s culture eg food, stories, practices, artifacts
Activities explore Indigenous culture
Families participate eg  share their culture, language, job, hobbies and/or lead cooking, reading, etc
There’s lots of family input eg weekend activities, postcards, photos, holiday news
Reflects diversity of community and challenges discrimination and stereotyping
Curriculum includes learning about
Music  eg instruments and songs to explore rhythm and sound
Literacy eg humorous books, lyrics, rhymes, poems, visual displays
Creative arts eg visual arts dramatic play, role play, dress ups
Numeracy eg sequences, numbers, speed,
Feelings, emotions and social interactions
Healthy eating  and nutrition eg preparing/cooking food, planning menu
Healthy bodies eg physical activities, dental care
Hygiene and stopping spread of infection eg handwashing, cough and sneeze etiquette, toilet procedures, appropriate clothing for weather
How to stay safe eg child protection principles, road safety, rights
Emergency procedures
Environmental sustainability and responsibility eg veggie garden, caring for animals
Children help
Set room rules and behaviour guidelines
Plan curriculum (should be child led)
Document their  learning
Complete jobs  (learning from daily routines) eg cleaning, packing up
Resources and environment
Activities involve lots of loose parts
Allow children  to challenge themselves and engage in risky play
Teaching practices
Documentation shows what children know, can do and understand, and how this is extended
Documentation includes reflections on each child’s progress and learning
Educators plan on the spot
Educators teach intentionally at every opportunity
There are opportunities for children to learn from each other
Educators participate in children’s play