Curriculum – Evaluation Educational Leader


Curriculum – Evaluation Educational Leader


Evaluate the following statements in relation to each room’s curriculum


Children Date statement evaluated:
The curriculum fosters continuity between home and the service


The curriculum stimulates and extends each child’s interests in a wide range of activities
The curriculum promotes each child’s ability to participate in social groups, form and maintain friendships
The curriculum provides opportunities for children to co-construct learning with peers
Educators plan experiences which address each child’s needs and development
The learning environment and curriculum reflects the cultures and heritage of families at the service and in the local community
Educators foster each child’s independence, initiative and creativity


Educators include children in decision making about learning activities and daily practices
The curriculum and room routine are flexible and children’s learning is not interrupted  where unnecessary



Families Date statement evaluated:
Families have confidence that quality education and care is provided at the service
Families can easily see the learning
Families understand the learning outcomes
The curriculum reflects strong and respectful partnerships with families
Families are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways eg parent committee,  multicultural celebrations, menus, excursions, reading, visits to explain hobbies and jobs

Evaluate the following statements in relation to professional development and the curriculum

Educators Date statement evaluated:
The curriculum supports the service philosophy
Educators regularly participate in professional development/ training


Educators actively engage with children in small groups and individually


Educators regularly document each child’s learning


Educators regularly reflect on each child’s progress and their teaching practices
Educators allow each child to develop at their individual pace and in their own style
Educators co-operate to create a professional work environment which encourages personal development and continuous improvement