Curriculum – Excursion Evaluation


Curriculum – Excursion Evaluation


1.1.1 Approved Learning Framework

2.2.1 Supervision

7.1.2 Continuous Improvement


Time and Date of Excursion


Name Educator 1
Name Educator 2
Name Educator 3
Name Educator 4
Name Educator 5


Were there any issues with transport arrangements? If yes, provide details (eg mode of transport unsuitable, no seatbelts/car seats meeting Australian standards)
Was the best route taken (Includes a walking excursion)?

If not what was the issue?

Did you leave on time? If not why?


Did you arrive back to the Service on time? If not why?


Did you follow the itinerary? If not why?


Did children have access to shaded areas as planned? If not why?


Did the children successfully undertake the proposed activities? If no, what happened?


Did all adults (including volunteers) attend the excursion as planned?

If not what happened?

Was there sufficient adult supervision? If not, why?


Did all children come prepared with the items listed in the excursion information forms?  If not why?


Was each child’s clothing appropriate? If not why?


Were all necessary supplies and equipment taken? If not, what was missed?


Was a mobile phone taken?  If it was used, why was it used?


Were there any medical incidents on the excursion? If yes what were they?


Did any child get lost? If so what happened?


Should we go back to the destination? If not why?



Actions required