Curriculum – Lesson Plan Template Example


Curriculum – Lesson Plan Template Example

Lesson Topic eg Balancing on toads (old socks filled with sand)
Book Name eg Everyday Games for Sensory Processing Disorder
Location in book eg 708
Age of the Children eg 2
Aim of the lesson eg To help Harris’s stumbling and help him become aware of his body
Material Required to conduct the lesson eg Old socks

Sand from the sand pit

How many children taught the lesson eg 5 children at a time
Location of lesson eg Outside on the back path near the sand pit
Steps to run the lesson eg Fill socks with sand and fold over the ends to make toads

Lay the toads in a line and ask children to do a variety of movements:

walk on top of them from one end to the other, walk on top of them with eyes closed, jump over them one by one, ump over them backward, jump over them sideways.

What worked well? What would you change? Do you think the aim was met? How could you extend this?