Curriculum – Physical Activity Audit 1-5 Years

[ms-user]Curriculum – Physical Activity Audit 1-5 Years

Use this checklist to track the different types of physical activity each child is involved in.

Child’s Name 1-5 years

Balances eg on planks of

Throws balloons or light
balls with different hands

Jumps over or around

Runs at different speeds and
in different directions eg
sideways, backwards, forwards

Walks and runs on different
surfaces eg sand, grass

Kinks balls

Runs and jumps on the spot

Plays outside

Helps with routines eg
packing up, gardening

Engages in structured play
eg hide and seek

Engages in free play eg
playgrounds, sandpits,

Plays dress-ups


Dances eg to music

Tumbles, runs, hops, jumps,
rides, digs, climbs