Emergencies – Fire Equipment and Maintenance Schedule


Emergencies – Fire Equipment and Maintenance Schedule

Inspection Procedure of Fire Safety Installations (F.S.I) 1. Inspect for obvious visual faults.
2. Inspect for faults and witness test  of F.S.I by a competent person
3. Inspect for faults where possible and accept logbook details of F.S.I
4. Check Building file for details of any extra requirements.
Required Record of Keeping Fire Safety Installations (F.S.I) L = log book required

R = record of maintenance required

T = Metal tag on F.S.I or service details/service label

(Y) = Weekly test may be omitted refer AS 1851-2005


External agencies will be employed to assist the service with this maintenance if no currently employed staff or educators are qualified to complete the maintenance checks.

Special Fire Service Inspection Procedures for FSI Required Record Keeping for FSI Maintenance Schedule Annual Survey of Installation Maintenance Standard or Building Preference
1 Wk 1 Mth 3 Mth 6 Mth 12 Mth 3 Yr 5 yr
Fire Mains 1         Y Y Y     1851-Section 2 & 4
Fire Hydrants (including internal & external hydrants, boosters connection/s and water storage tanks 2 L-T       Y Y   Y Y 1851- Section 4
Fire Pump sets 2 L-T (Y) Y   Y Y   Y Y 1852 – Section 3
Fire Hose Reels 2 R-T       Y Y     Y 1851- Section 14
Fire Extinguishers (Portable) 2 R-T       Y Y   Y Y 1851- Section 15
Fire Blankets 2 R-T       Y         1851-Section 16