Emergencies – Risk assessment template 3




Step 1. What is the hazard?
Step 2. What is the risk?
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Risk of hazard for:
    ++ very likely  

+ likely


– unlikely rare

— very unlikely
Kill, Permanent Disability 1 1 2 3
Long term illness Serious Injury 1 2 3 4
Medical Attention Several Days Off 2 3 4 5
First Aid Needed 3 4 5 6
Step 3. What can we do to protect everybody?
Step 4. List the step by step procedure we need to make it safe.
Eliminate risk Yes No
Substitute for a
lesser risk
Yes No
Isolate the hazard from
the person at risk
Yes No
Minimise the risk through
engineering means (eg
change equipment or
Yes No
Implement change through
administrative means
Yes No
Use personal protective
Yes No


Do we need to make a new procedure or add an item to a checklist