QIP Writing Workshop: A LIVE WEBINAR – 10.00am-2.00pm: 27 July 2021 (AEST)

  • QIP Writing Workshop **a live-stream webinar**
    July 27, 2021
    10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Your QIP is the MOST IMPORTANT document for your Assessment and Rating.

The ‘Rating Tool’ includes a section for YOUR QIP and the three EXCEEDING themes.

What does this mean for your A&R visit?

  • Assessors copy parts of your QIP into their ‘Rating Tool’ and bring it with them on the A&R visit
  • Assessors check your practices against your QIP during your A&R visit to rate your centre as working towards, meeting or exceeding
  • You need to learn to write an exceeding QIP that shows the three exceeding themes of embedded practice, critical reflection and meaningful engagement with families and community to inform practice
  • Remember, a two day visit for A&R isn’t long enough to see all the great things you do. That’s why you need the QIP to showcase your centre.

What shouldn’t be in your QIP?

  • The NQS Guide rewritten into your QIP with broad brushstrokes that don’t describe your centre in detail.

If you need help writing your QIP and the NEW Self-Assessment Tool to show the assessor how great your practices are, then book into Centre Support’s QIP writing workshop now.

We will show you how to include the three new exceeding themes for your QIP.

We’ll show you how to personalise your QIP and promote your centre in a positive way so the assessor knows what to expect, who to ask and what to talk about when they visit.

We’ll teach you how to use your educators’ learning documentation as part of your QIP, saving you hours of time and making the process of writing your QIP much easier.


  • How to write a QIP that shows Assessors why a Service should be rated Meeting or Exceeding the NQS including:
    • evidence of self-assessment against the NQS Element indicators and Exceeding theme descriptors
    • evidence of actions taken to improve practice if there’s a knowledge or practice gap
    • how to document strengths and improvement plans
  • What to do on the day of the A&R visit
  • How to respond to a draft A&R report if required

With over 4000 real services just like yours as customers across Australia, we know exactly what is expected from the NQS and assessment and rating visits.

More than 50% of exceeding centres are Centre Support customers. We even have a few Excellent centres as customers and their Nominated Supervisors as our trainers.

At Centre Support we really know what a quality QIP looks like and best of all we can show you.

We have helped over 1000 centres write their QIP’s since they were introduced as part of the NQS in 2012.

We will teach you how to write a well-structured QIP that really describes your centre and the ways you do things to meet and exceed the NQS.

Nothing great gets written at the last minute.

Don’t put off learning how to write the best QIP for your centre because you will end up with a rushed document that doesn’t do your centre justice.

Book now before you get the email from the department asking for your QIP. Learn to write the best QIP and have it ready to submit at any time.

Our QIP writing course will give all your educators confidence during the A&R visit.

We will teach you how your QIP can guide the assessor’s visit and importantly guide the assessor’s questions for educators as they will be written into your QIP.

Online Booking Form. Bookings essential

Payment must be made in order to receive log in details to participate in the Webinar.

  • Computer with Internet Access Required
  • Computer Audio required (Speakers) … or Telephone for Audio

We will send the course worksheets and confirmation links for the webinar once payment has been received.

Comprehensive Companion Booklets sold separately at a cost of $20.00 per booklet.  The booklets can be purchased online from centresupport.com.au – under the Webinars Tab or you can contact the office on 1800 440 102.  Once payment has been made, the booklet will be printed and posted to your nominated street address or PO Box by standard post.

If an invoice is required prior to payment (to participate in the webinar), please download the invoice after completing your registration form.

To make a booking:

  1. Select “Add to Event Cart”
  2. Select “Proceed to Registration
  3. Complete your details on the form
  4. Click on “Proceed to Payment Options”
  5. Select either
  • “Credit Card Payment click here” and make a payment for your ticket/s using your PayPal account; debit card; or credit card.
  • “Invoice”; and click on “proceed to Finalise Registration”.  At this point you can download your “Order Confirmation”/”Invoice”.  To make payment at a later time; simply locate your registration confirmation email and click on the “make a payment here” link.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds once training has been booked.  However, another person may access the webinar in your place.  Please advise change of name/s prior to the event.  Our Terms and Conditions may be found on our website under our “Professional Development” page.


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