EYLF Implementation Pack


Excel at EYLF!The EYLF Pack has been designed to provide a clear system and process that allows educators to implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Australia, our first national curriculum for the early childhood education and care sector. The resources provide the essential tools educators need to plan for, document and reflect on the learning and development of each child against the EYLF Learning Outcomes. As a result, educators can easily adapt to the latest educational philosophy under the Australian Government’s EYLF to create a learning database.

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  • Give your educators the confidence they need to build partnerships with families.
  • Inclusive of the whole range of abilities and qualifications held by educators to ensure usability and adaptability.
  • Simple, clear and easy to follow with visual guides using a symbol system
  • Designed to prompt educators to review their practices and curriculum in a clear and systematic manner and each.
  • Remove the burden for educators to have to reinvent curriculum processes and systems.

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What’s included?

  • Individualise for your service!
  • Training DVD
  • Evaluation Templates which assess the effectiveness of your curriculum in meeting learning outcomes
  • Child Evaluation Templates (known as Celebration of Achievement Charts) to keep educators on track plus ensure that records are kept of every child’s learning progres
  • Comparison Tables which show how your existing programming objectives can be matched with the new EYLF learning outcomes.A  These tables allow educators to understand how existing knowledge and practices can be simply integrated to meet EYLF requirements
  • An easy to use symbol system has been develop to use throughout your programming which will further simplify implementation and use
  • More than 100 colour coded reminder posters to help educators learn and remember each and every new EYLF Learning Outcomes
  • Parent letter templates which explain how you are meeting the new learning outcome areas
  • Template Parent input forms to gather input from parents to be used for programming.

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  • $300
  • Group services, and owners of multiple services, please contact us for a quote.
  • Pay using cheque or EFT (upfront only), direct debit or A credit card.

EYLF Pack payment form

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