Family Exit Survey


INSERT LOGO and address


Dear <insert family’s name>

We will miss educating and caring for <insert child’s name>, and wish you and <insert child’s name> all the best in the future.

To help us continually improve our service practices, we would appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to complete the attached survey.

We have included a stamped self-addressed envelope for your convenience.


Kind regards,


<insert name of Nominated Supervisor>

Nominated Supervisor

<insert date>



Family Exit Survey



Very Good





Child/ Educator Interactions

Educators were always responsive to my child’s physical, health and educational needs







Educators understood my child’s strengths and interests and included them in the curriculum







Educators valued my child as an individual







There was evidence that educators valued children’s ideas and views







Educators made sure my child was included in all room activities







Educators always made sure my child was safe







Educators respected and valued our family culture eg through learning activities and invitations to share knowledge







Parent/Staff Interactions

Educators were always professional when interacting with me/my child







Educators and staff helped me locate services in the local community







My views and ideas were important to educators and staff







Educators always greeted me by name







Educators were familiar with my job and family structure







Educators provided lots of information about my child’s progress towards achieving learning outcomes







Any information I provided about my child’s life outside the service, holidays, family etc was always used in learning activities







Safety and Hygiene

My child’s room was always clean and tidy







Hygiene practices like nappy changing, toileting and handwashing were always completed in line with displayed procedures







Other areas of the centre, including the gardens and outdoor play areas, were always clean and free of rubbish







Any broken equipment or resources were immediately removed or made inaccessible to children







I was always asked to authorise things like excursions, medication, other people collecting my child







Staff Interactions

Educators help and support each other







There was a positive/happy feeling in my child’s room







Educators were familiar with current parenting and teaching theory/advice







Educators were always willing to try new things







Service practices

I was familiar with the service’s policies and procedures and knew where to find them







Changes to service practices were communicated well eg I always received communication in a timely manner







I felt able to approach educators or the Nominated Supervisor with any concern







My child’s room routine was always well organised and ran smoothly







Indoor and outdoor environments are attractive and promote children’s imagination and creativity








Thank you for helping us reflect on and work at continually improving our practices. If you would like to make any further comments please do so below.


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