Governance – Staff Meeting Agenda




Governance – Staff Meeting Agenda

The Next Educator Meeting is on: ______________________

Date displayed in team room: ___/___/___

Attendee’s Name




  1. Review and acceptance of previous meeting minutes
  2. Review of issues carried over from last meeting


Actions taken


  1. Static Agenda items included in every meeting eg
Static Agenda Items


Points to Discuss Minutes
Core Values    
Child Protection    
Community and family links (eg partnerships, information available, parent feedback)    
Law and Regs    
Management (eg staff changes, policy/procedure changes, enrolments/exits)    
Policies and Procedures (eg first aid, supervision, infection control, medication, orientation)    
Training needs    
Work Health and Safety (eg hazard vs risk, dangerous plants, products, practices,    


  1. Other issues
Other Agenda Items


Points to Discuss Minutes
Please feel free to add other agenda items of importance to discuss at the meeting


Emergencies (eg rehearsals, medical incidents, fire equipment)    
Incidents and Illness (eg medical plans)    




NQS Areas (eg assessment and planning cycle, documentation, food safety, healthy eating, physical activity)    
Relationships with Children (eg secure and trusting, behaviour management, inclusive practices)    


Next meeting to be held on (date) at (time).