Induction and Orientation for Relief Staff and Volunteers Procedure


Induction and Orientation Procedure –Relief Staff and Volunteers

Tailor to suit time staff/volunteers spending at service and how familiar they are with the service practices, layout etc.

Following is based on staff spending 1 day at service


Give staff member/volunteer a copy of this document, and file original completed and signed document in their personal file.


NS/RL Initials

Staff  Initials




use position description give clear instructions/expectations about duties/responsibilities



Policies and Procedures – Discuss with staff member/volunteer



Bullying, harassment and anti-discrimination policy ( these things illegal and  not tolerated)



Grievance policy/procedure



CCTV Policy/procedure



Nappy changing, toileting and handwashing procedures



Delivery and collection of children procedure



Incident, injury, trauma and illness procedures



Cleaning and hygiene procedures eg cleaning spills of bodily fluids, risks of exposure to these fluids, requirement to wear disposable gloves and what to do if accidentally exposed, kitchen and laundry procedures



Workplace injury reporting procedures



Child protection policy/procedure and indicators



Administration of medication procedures



Infectious Diseases Policy and procedures for children who become unwell or arrive unwell



Emergency response procedures including evacuation plan and meeting points



Sun safety and water safety procedures



Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Policy



Behaviour management strategies, responsibilities for stopping a child immediately where they may hurt another child, use inappropriate language or destroy equipment



Immunisation Policy and immunisation recommendations for staff (provide copy) and update immunisation register



Sleep, Rest, Relaxation and Clothing Policy and safe sleep practices



Photography Policy



Social Media and Technology Usage Policy including rules about personal calls



Privacy and Confidentiality Policy



Code of conduct



Advise what must never happen eg leave children alone, use personal phone or camera in room, stand around not interacting with children, ignore a parent, discuss the service in negative way, or discuss a child with other families



Employee/volunteer acknowledges in writing using ‘Staff Acknowledgements and Agreements’ template they:

·         understand child protection requirements

·         will not access private or confidential information unless required for job, they will not share it outside the service and will store it appropriately 

·         understand requirements of children with medical management plans

·         have been advised about recommended immunisations

·         have read and understood policies, procedures on this checklist, code of conduct



Getting to know service, children and families   



Take employee on tour of service and show location of:



·         Kitchen/meal, toilet facilities, staffroom, where to store personal items



·         Resources (eg craft supplies) and equipment



·         Policies, procedures, code of conduct, philosophy, Law and Regs, NQS, EYLF/MTOP and how to access these electronically



·         Blank/original forms eg Incident forms, Curriculum Sheets



·         Fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc and how to use these



·         First aid kits, emergency asthma kits and Epi-pens



·         Children’s medication



·         Hazardous substances including cleaning products/disinfectants and Material Safety Data Sheets



·         Emergency whistle, alarm



·         Food/bottles/water cups



·         Storerooms



·         Bed/sheet storage arrangements



·         Children’s lockers/pockets



·         Sign on and off sheet



·         Evacuation diagram and emergency phone numbers



Introduce person to all staff, families and children



Advise person who they will work with/report to



Discuss meal breaks



Advise payment method, first pay date and how payslips are distributed



Shows employee how to operate essential equipment eg microwave, bottle warmer, washing machine/dryer



Advise ratio requirements



Discuss room routines and show where this is displayed



Discuss specific medical management plans and risk minimisation plans and location, including allergy and anaphylaxis information and special food requirements/practices



Discuss family law/parenting orders



Discuss supervision plan/diagrams, and supervision requirements including during transitions




The Induction program was successfully completed by <Insert Employee’s name> ____________________________________________ on   /    /    .

Signed by employee ___________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________

Signed Nominated Supervisor ____________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________