Feeling exhausted?

152128371Well it’s been just over 2 long years since the introduction of the NQF, 18 months since the commencement of assessment and rating of the NQS and over 4 years since the EYLF was introduced.

How have we all coped with the change? It’s been exhausting for most of us! Our effort has been HUGE.

We wait for our turn for assessment and rating… Mmm…  when will our turn be? Maybe ‘the letter’ will arrive today, tomorrow or next year? Perhaps we have been assessed and were rated Working Towards almost 2 years ago, with no sign of when the next assessment will be?

It’s a guessing game… that’s for sure! So many services have been assessed, but over two-thirds haven’t. When will it be our turn? I’d like to plan a holiday but I would like to be there for assessment; such an unpredictable timeline that remains ‘top secret’. But why?

Most cannot wait till it’s there turn to go through the process and ‘have it over and done with’. The fear of Working Towards turns our stomach in knots. The media portrays us as having failed based on the opinion of the assessor.

I am proud of my service. My families and children are very happy. My educators are amazing. My waiting list is huge and we have worked hard. Very hard in fact. How dare they? How annoying after how much we have improved!

Who is this person rating us? How do we know their qualification or the knowledge that the assessor may know or understand? Does he/she understand our contemporary practices? After all we are meeting the elements in ways that are not historical, based on new theories and research. Will the assessor understand?

Does anyone realise the effort we have put into professional development, up-skilling ourselves with Certificate IIIs, Diploma and 3 or 4 years early childhood university qualifications costing us hundreds/thousands dollars of hours of study and practicum at the expense of our family time.

We continue to work hard week by week as a team to assess and reflect on our practices using research and new theoretical discussion on all elements not just the ones that ‘need fixing’ because a disaster has occurred. Oh dear… how many discussions do I hear or read about the QIP created by a discussion with educators based on things that need to be fixed or worse still the QIP created on a ‘needs basis’ by the director in the office.

So, after 2 years of working very hard implementing the EYLF, reflecting and assessing the NQS element by element, celebrating our strengths, identifying our areas of improvement and developing an ongoing improvement plan step by step…. I wonder if the ‘powers that be’ are truly respecting and valuing the distance we have travelled to improve in ECEC. We should all be commended on the effort so far.

So, just incase you feel underappreciated, undervalued or ‘under rated’ it is time to celebrate.

Congratulations for your continuing passion, dedication and effort!

Valerie Tillett, Nominated Supervisor and EC Consultant.

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