How do you complete your Quality Improvement Plan?

Is your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) based on a needs approach or a reflective/assessment approach?

 The int451192579roduction of the NQS has led quality improvement across the whole profession. Initially many of us had lots of issues to put in the QIP based on what we were not doing or the elements we weren’t meeting. We often completed our QIP around the ‘catastrophes’ at hand or our imminent rating and assessment once we received ‘the letter” to submit our QIP.

Many of us have now undergone assessment and are ready for our subsequent visit. So how are you reflecting, assessing and identifying strengths and issues with your team now? Are you including your team in the development of the QIP at all?

If Directors/Nominated Supervisors sit in an office and put into the QIP only what is not happening, how can improvement across the standards continue?  How will educators learn, understand their practice, know how to improve or be acknowledged for the strength in their practice? How will they even know about the QIP, how the service meets the elements or how practice can be consistently embedded to the highest level possible?

Some educators say dedicating 5 to10 minutes a day to professional reflection is too much, but isn’t that what passionate, dedicated professionals would do?  After all how many educators have time to discuss their home life?

So please consider how your QIP is being developed. Do all of the team have input into how its development, and is everyone involved in reflecting across the standards and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. A collaborative approach will build knowledge, understanding and drive consistent improvement and embedded practice to meet ‘exceeding’ level expectations.

Next time an educator doesn’t find 5-10 minutes a day to critically reflect on practice, explain why it is important and why their input is needed.

Val Tillett

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