Is it true?

question markHave you ever questioned what you have been told by educators from other services or what was written by an early childhood consultant? What happens if your assessment report contains information you think is outdated and not consistent with the NQS, the EYLF or the Regulations? Do you accept that you’re probably wrong and believe what others say?

The other day I read a blog on Facebook about whether or not children should have “rules” in ECEC. One respondent said no but it was okay if you called them something else.  Another blog focused on the apparently very important task of keeping the benches in your room “tidy” for assessment and compliance.

More alarming however, was listening to an experienced early childhood teacher (ECT) with current qualifications and great pedagogical knowledge tell me she was going to buy a book about current educational theories and Frameworks because the assessment officer did not agree with her pedagogical philosophy and curriculum.  Although the officer had not been in a centre for 20 plus years and trained way back before then, the ECT doubted her beliefs and understanding despite many years of recent study.

Surely she should be respected for her professional judgment as an early childhood professional.  Why are professionals in the ECEC sector so quick to believe things that contradict their professional expertise and knowledge?

It is time for early childhood educators to start questioning what they are being told and to stop believing everything they hear. There are unethical and unqualified sources out there that convey these ‘childcare whispers’ to educators who lack the confidence to question them or are too fearful of failing or being fined.

It’s time to empower yourself with knowledge, perhaps updating your qualification or accessing current research. And the most important action to take is to understand the documents like the NQS, EYLF and Regulations that underpin the NQF.  They are the law and our professional guidance.

So in future when you hear or read something don’t automatically believe. Think about the reputation and reliability of the source. Question, research and challenge myths so that we can move forward in Early Childhood Education and Care. Don’t let dated or incorrect beliefs influence your professional practices.

Val Tillett
Nominated Supervisor

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