Myths and truths about planning

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I hear over and over again from educators the confusion about what is planning and how we do this using the EYLF.

In years gone past we would observe a rostered focus child to identify a need, then plan resources for that child to promote development toward that expected milestone -an expected measurement of a child’s physical development set by our Western society.

So we were constantly documenting activities, provisions, equipment and so on. Our program showed what resources to put out for the day then we would evaluate them and say if they were sufficient, used, popular and so on …. mind you this is still what some educators do thinking they are reflecting… but they are not.

So how should we be planning? Planning using the EYLF is not about the equipment. We plan for learning and the equipment is secondary in the learning process. I often wonder about how obsessed ECEC is with equipment when we, the educators, are the most valuable resource. Why do we think the equipment is so important? What would happen if we were forced to live without resources and equipment? Do we need equipment to teach a child?

Now we identify interests and strengths based on conversations with families and children and use these to extend children’s learning. Using the meaningful context of their interest or strength, whether it be something brought into the environment from the family or community, a conversation with a child, a painting or drawing that conveys a story, an interest or questions about an interest, provides opportunities for us to extend their learning. We use intentional teaching to teach skills, concepts and processes such as mathematics, science, literacy, environmental issues, health and so on.

When your family provides input about the child or you identify a strength or interest this is the start of the planning process.

Valerie Tillett – Nominated Supervisor and ECEC Consultant




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