Why do we have policies?

Why do we have policies?

What do you do when parents insist that things are done in a way which doesn’t comply with your policies? What happens when little Tyler’s parents insist he doesn’t like cold cheese and it must be kept out of the fridge? Or Tran’s parents insist his perishable food be kept at room temperature because chilled food affects the circulation of energy throughout the body. (This actually happened in a service in Far North Queensland.) Or Ava’s mother advises that the baby sleeps on her tummy at home and wants the same thing to happen at your service?

The next question is why do services have policies? Some may say because this is mandated under the National Law and Regulations. This is true, but there is more to it than that. We have policies and procedures so that everyone knows the best way of handling a situation and everyone does this the same way. They are based on expert advice from Government or another recognised authority, and allow us to say to parents (or assessors) that we do things this way because it is best practice and the best way of keeping children safe and protecting them from harm.

So don’t consider compromising a child’s welfare. This would be a good opportunity to explain to parents why you have the policy or procedure and provide them with some information they could take home.

What have parents asked you to do differently?

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  1. martine says:

    A common one I have found is to wake sleeping children or keeping children awake when it is obvious they are tired.

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