Maintenance Check Daily


Maintenance – Check Daily

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Outdoor Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Comments
Animals/ insects  like  wasps, redbacks/funnel web spiders, snakes removed            
Environment clean and tidy. Rubbish removed.            
Equipment and resources removed if broken.

No strangulation hazards.

Equipment secured to ground/wall etc            
Fences have no climbing or escape routes for children and childproof self-locking devices on gates. Fencing  not mandatory for OSHC services            
Floors, stairs, steps, paths are non-slip            
Garbage inaccessible to children and lidded            
Garden debris and sharp, poisonous or allergy causing plants removed            
Hazardous Storage Area/Garages and sheds locked            
Loose fill materials are deep enough            
Machinery, Tools and Equipment inaccessible to children eg power tools, screwdrivers            
Objects like broken glass, broken windows, syringes removed.            
Sandpit clean with no animal poo or sharp objects            
Surfaces with protruding/loose screws, nails, bolts, splintered wood, rust, flaking paint, sharp edges smoothed/repaired or children’s access to them blocked.            
Under Centre access blocked/locked            
Water Storage Containers empty /inverted or inaccessible to children            
Window Fly Screens securely fitted            
Indoor Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Comments
Artwork and decorations away from fans/heaters and not hung with tacks, pins or staples            
Barriers to balconies, stairs, kitchen etc are age appropriate, child proof, self locking            
Blind/curtain cords inaccessible to children especially in cot room            
Choking hazardslike small toy parts, beads, plastic bags and balloons inaccessible            
Cleaner’s Cupboard locked            
Doors unbroken and have finger jam protectors            
Electrical cords don’t present safety hazard            
Emergency evacuation  diagram/procedures displayed and fire equipment accessible/operational            
Employee Belongings secure and inaccessible to children            
Entry Doors locked at all times            
Equipment and resources (eg toys) removed if broken. Trip hazards like curling mats removed            
First aid kit in correct place            
Floors, stairs, mats and rugs are non-slip            
Furniture and nursery equipment secure and safe eg no tip over hazards            
Hazardous chemicals, medicines, knives stored in locked cupboards            
Heaters /Fans guarded and inaccessible to children            
Hot Drinks out of reach of children            
Hygienic and tidy environment throughout service eg no fall hazards            
Kitchen, Laundry and Storage Areas inaccessible to children            
Machinery, Tools and Equipment inaccessible to children eg knives and scissors, microwaves, heaters, fans            
Nappy Buckets inaccessible to children            
Power Points  covered with safety plugs if not used            
Room Layouts show clear exit paths through setup of toys and children            
Toys clean and hygienic