“It gives us a sense of security and enables us to spend some time with our families… the other part of our lives, outside of early childhood education!”

Jenny Peake, Nominated Supervisor
Sturt CCC, Dover Heights SA

“Centre Support’s system is the foundation of learning for my educators. They felt really prepared. All educators were involved in… building the QIP, weekly tasks and collaborative programming.”

Sarah Ruttley, Nominated Supervisor
First Steps ELC, Lismore NSW

“Just like to inform everyone at Centre Support that our Weekly Learning Activities have been great and we used them with our assessor that came out to assess our service. We have received EXCEEDING the National Quality Standards for each Quality Area and therefore the overall rating was EXCEEDING! We are now in the process of Excellence through ACEQCA and awaiting their response.”

Jacqui, Nominated Supervisor
Montessori Merrylands Childcare, Merrylands NSW

LDC A&R Toolkit-ORDER-FORM-request-for-quote-and-Product-Information-1-1

Take the stress out of the NQF

The NQS Professional Development Toolkit provides a proven system that promotes continuous improvement with your service – step by step, week by week. We have taken the stress out of the NQS and provide the resources you will need to stay ahead of the changes. There is no need to spend countless hours of overtime reinventing the wheel.


    • Build your QIP with the Weekly Learning Activities to walk you through the NQF
    • Easy for all educators to implement and be involved in the NQF!
    • Proven results across Australia
    • Money back guarantee

Centre Support does not issue pre-written curriculums, prescriptive methods for Educators to meet the NQF or determine the individual professional development and support needs of each educator. Our clients, a diverse mix of service types across Australia, direct the level of support that they require.

What’s included?

  • Full NQS resources and templates for each NQS element. These comprehensive resources are accessible via our members only area of our website
  • Assessment and Rating Preparation Pack
  • EYLF Implementation Pack so your whole team can excel with a curriculum tailored to your service
  • NQF Policy Pack that exceeds the requires of the NQS and Regs with Policy Updates
  • NQF Checklists Pack a simple and effective way to allows educators to reflect on practices, procedures and identify areas for improvement
  • Clearly referenced resources with the elements of NQS, EYLF and Regs they comply with
  • Information for educators, families and the community
  • Colourful posters for educators and families
  • In-service training packages
  • Phone and email support

Our SAMPLE PACK provides you with a glimpse into our resources. There is a Weekly Learning Activity so you can see exactly how EASY it is to implement and have all your Educators working together towards a common goal – understanding the NQS and building your QIP on a weekly basis. All it takes is ten minutes per day, per room.

Give it a go and see how easy it is!

Also included is a sample policy, policy package contents table, checklist, EYLF documents and order forms.

Don’t delay! Start 2019 on the right foot and be on your way to a high quality service. We show you how we can take the stress out of the NQF and save you time and money!

Centre-Support-Information-and-Sample-Pack and REQUEST FOR QUOTE

Weekly Email system and free training videos to keep your whole team on track

Order Now

  • From $1200, depending on licensed places
  • Or 12 monthly payments of $100 (total price $1200), depending on licensed places
  • Group services, and owners of multiple services, please contact us for a quote.
  • Pay using cheque or EFT (upfront only), direct debit or credit card.

Request for quote form

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