How can Centre Support help you?

We provide resources, professional development and support to LDC, Preschools, Kindergartens, Early Learning Centres and OSHC services around Australia, including community based, not for profit and privately owned services.

Our A&R Toolkit will provide you with the following:

  • Teach Room Leaders how to manage their Educators, set goals based on the NQS, create an environment where teams can function effectively, gives steps to coach, train and assess Educators, provides guidance on how to achieve NQS elements and exceeding rating.
  • 75 short videos filmed specifically for Educators, Room Leaders, Educational Leaders and Nominated Supervisors.
  • 100 great looking posters which encourage discussion on weekly NQS topics.
  • Explains every person’s role from Nominated Supervisor to trainees and gives real life case studies.
  • Weekly professional development activities for five minutes each day of the week.
  • Partially completed QIP template based on activities, reflections and NQS so Nominated Supervisors can easily finalise after all Educators have contributed to the QIP by completing daily activities.
  • Clear examples of how to document children’s learning and include teaching practices and reflections.
  • Structure and reflective questions for Educators to give feedback to Room Leaders and Room Leaders to give feedback to Educators.
  • Room Leaders’ and Educators’ Checklists to monitor practices against the NQS.
  • Structured review of policies
  • Detailed examples for the Educational Leader of documenting learning and strategies to improve documentation, teaching practices and reflection.
  • Targeted information and tips for the Nominated Supervisor.
  • Reflections for experienced Educators based on summaries of current research papers written by academics.
  • Tips to ensure Educators have the skills to manage children’s behaviour.
  • Activities to foster teamwork.
  • Family information sheet explaining focus of the weekly activities, NQS improvement and Policy under review.
  • Full support via email and/or phone

Benefits of our A&R Toolkit:

  • Professional Development activities are proven to help services get EXCEEDING.
  • Real life tips and practice from experts that work in a centre just like you.
  • Saves you time trying to build a QIP at the last minute because you are writing it each week in under 30 minutes
  • Makes life easier because ALL team members learn how to do their job properly.
  • Structured Professional Development helps chaotic environments become calmer.
  • Increased teamwork and communication lead to fewer calls on Nominated Supervisor’s time.
  • Helps Educators and team members of all abilities so that everyone is improving practice and problems decline.
  • Gives Room Leaders the structure and knowledge to manage their own room which then frees up the Nominated Supervisors time.
  • Encourages Educators to participate in the Professional Development activities because working relationships improve and they feel happier and more secure in their role.
  • Assessors will see how Educators are using reflections to improve practice and children’s learning.
  • Gives confidence that Educator’s actions meet regulations and EYLF or MTOP and continue to improve every day.
  • Helps get a great result on Assessment and Rating.
  • Structure of short, daily activities give Educators’ more time.
  • Activities lead to reduced behaviour issues in the rooms.

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Other support services are:

  • Highly skilled and experienced trainers who deliver professional development and support that directly facilitates continuous improvement
  • In-service Professional Development after hours for groups of Educators. For example: EYLF / MTOP, Behaviour Guidance, Documentation, Reflection, Embedding Sustainability, Risk and Play, Teamwork and Management and all NQS quality areas.
  • In-service coaching and support for the Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader, Room Leaders and Educators
  • Audits – WHS, Food Safety & Hygiene, Sustainability, Compliance and Curriculum
  • Training courses, Seminars and Conferences at external venues, nationwide.
  • We also partner with the Australian Community and Education College. A Registered Training Organisation that provides approved early childhood education and care Certificate III and Diploma qualifications. The course work links directly to our Integrated Learning System.

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