The CS resources for OSHC are so helpful because they bring my team together. It’s not just me doing all the work anymore!”

Tara Brown, Nominated Supervisor
Surry Hills OSHC, Sydney NSW

Are you implementing the NQS correctly in your OSHC?

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The OSHC Package is designed to save you time and stress. Under the NQF, it is crucial that all educators, not just supervisors, have a thorough understanding of policies and procedures.

How would it feel when your team is confident to talk to the NQF assessors with an entire NQF OSHC resource kit ready to implement?



  • Centre Support client already with a LDC service? Contact us for a quote to add an OSHC subscription.
  • Build your QIP with the Weekly Emails to walk you through the NQF
  • Easy for all educators to implement and be involved in the NQF!
  • Proven results with OSHC services across Australia
  • Money back guarantee

What’s included?

  • Tailored NQF Resource Disc with OSHC resources for each NQS element
  • MTOP Implementation Pack so your whole team can excel with a curriculum tailored to your service
  • NQF Policy Pack that exceeds the requires of the NQS and Regs
  • NQF Checklists tailored for OSHC
  • Clearly referenced resources with the elements of NQS, EYLF and Regs they comply with
  • Information for educators, families and the community
  • Colourful posters for educators and families
  • In-service training packages
  • Phone and email support

Weekly Email system keep your whole team on track –

Are-you-implementing-the-NQS-correctly-in-your-OSHC SAMPLES AND REQUEST FOR QUOTE

We show you how we can take the stress out of the NQF and save you time and money.

The sample is very detailed so you can see exactly how it works. We apologise for sending through such a large document. But don’t be fearful. The Weekly Tasks only take your educators ten minutes per day, per room.


Order Now

  • From $1200 per year, based on licensed places
  • Or 12 monthly payments of $100.00 (total price $1200, based on licensed places)
  • Group services, and owners of multiple services, please contact us for a quote.
  • Pay using cheque or EFT (upfront only), direct debit or credit card.


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