My Time Our Place

OSHC Girl SmilingAny educational program needs a framework which can be used to develop appropriate outcomes and against which it can be properly assessed and evaluated. An approved learning framework for Outside School Hours Care is My Time Our Place (MTOP). Where does this name come from? It comes from the understanding that children’s learning and development is not limited to any particular time and place. It carries on the idea in the Early Years Learning Framework that “learning is not predictable or linear”. MTOP recognises the importance of social and emotional development of older children through socially constructed learning. Children are encouraged to develop their own personality, curiosity and creativity. Older children can take on more responsibility for their own health and well being, and can become more involved in the decision making processes at the service as well. If you’ve heard people talking about the “agency” of children, it’s related to the principle of inclusion; children being able to make choices and decisions, to influence events and to have an impact on their world.

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