Panadol and Other Pain Relief Policy NQF LDC NSW

Panadol and Other Pain Relief Policy


To ensure pain relief medication like Panadol is only given when authorised and appropriate.


The safety of children is our paramount concern.  Medication is only administered to children when it’s appropriately authorised.

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Educators will treat pain relief medication like any other prescribed medication, completing appropriate checks before administering the medication and recording the administration on a Medication Record.

If administration of Panadol or other pain relief medication does not relieve a child’s symptoms, educators may ask parents/guardians to collect the child within one hour or to make alternative arrangements for their child’s care.

If educators are concerned pain relief is required because the child may have a serious illness, they will immediately contact parents/guardians to collect the child as soon as possible and advise them to take the child to a doctor.

All children who are unwell must not attend the Service.

Educators will implement the Medical Emergency Procedure and Fever Procedure if required.

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National Quality Standard

2.1.1 Health – Each child’s health and physical activity is supported and promoted

2.1.2 Health practices and procedures – Effective illness and injury management and hygiene practices are promoted and implemented.

Education and Care Services National Law

167 Offence relating to protection of children from harm and hazards

Education and Care Services National Regulations

92 Medication record

93 Administration of medication

95 Procedure for administration of medication

Early Years Learning Framework

Learning Outcome 3

Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

Educators promote continuity of children’s personal health and hygiene by sharing ownership of routines and schedules with children, families and the community


Authorisation – Panadol and Pain Relief
Procedure – Fever
Procedure – Medical Emergency
Procedure – Panadol


The policy will be reviewed annually by the Approved Provider, Supervisors, Employees, Families and any committee members.

Reviewed : 11-30-2023
Date for next review : 11-30-2024