Parent Questionnaire Programming and service operations



Dear Parent/Guardian

We aim to provide your child/ren with the highest level of care and education and we value your opinion about how well we are achieving this.   

We have attached a short questionnaire and ask that you answer the questions as honestly as possible. Your responses will be kept private and confidential.


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Thank you for your participation.




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Parent/Guardian Questionnaire

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1.       I feel welcome in the Service.





2.       The Service takes my concerns seriously.





3.       The Service provides helpful information.





4.       I feel as though I can talk to educators about my child’s progress.





5.       The Service values my help and interest.





6.       Teachers provide a challenging and stimulating environment for my child.





7.       Resources and equipment  are engaging, well set up  and visually attractive





8.       Teachers care if my child is not doing as well as he/she can.





9.        The Service is a safe and secure environment.





10.    The Service is always looking for ways to improve what it does.





11.   Educators regularly praise children.





12.   The children are the Service’s main focus.





13.   I share in the education of my child.





14.   I receive adequate notice of Service events.





15.   Communication from the Service is regular and informative eg newsletters, social media, email, SMS.





16.   Educators constantly aim to improve the quality of learning and teaching.





What do you see as the strengths of the Service?


How do you think the Service could be improved?


In what ways would you like to be more involved in the Service?


What other comments would you like to make (if any)



Name (Optional)



Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions.