NQF Policy Package

The NQF Policy Package is an excellent way to meet the NQF requirements. There is no need to spend countless hours of overtime writing and worrying about policies for your service. If you are after the most comprehensive policies available, why not use the NQF Policy Package? More than 3,500 services already do!

Plus when you purchase our Policy Package, you get 12 months of policy updates for free. No need to worry about keeping on top of Regulation changes! Our Policy Writer does this for you, saving you time and money!

Do your policies comply with the NQF?

NQF Policy Sample

NQF Policy Package Contents Table

LDC NQF Policy and Checklist payment form


  • Directly referenced Regulations (National and State-based), NQS, best practice and EYLF.
  • Save time with no more unpaid overtime writing policies!
  • Save money – how many hours of wages would it require to write a whole set of policies for the NQF?
  • Tailor the Word documents with ease.
  • Easy for the Nominated Supervisor to implement with all educators
  • Money back guarantee

Hear from educators

My assessor called a few days before the visit to go over the routine and plan the best time of the day to spend in each room. When the assessor arrived I was glad she was there so we could work together to get through the next two days. We did a tour of the service and the assessor went on her way, visiting each of my five rooms. The assessor mainly talked to the assistants in the rooms and only one room leader to discuss the curriculum. On the second day the assessor spent some time with me to check policies, procedures and our philosophy. She also commented on the honesty of our QIP.

With the help of Centre Support’s Weekly Learning Activities, my assistants knew all the answers because they had been working together and all have the knowledge. Centre Support’s system is the foundation of learning for my educators. Everyone was calm and no one was overly stressed. My educators felt really prepared and I didn’t need to do quick lessons for educators not knowing certain things. All educators were involved in the preparation process through building the QIP, weekly learning activities and collaborative programming.”

Sarah Ruttley, Nominated Supervisor, 2016
First Steps Early Learning Centre, Lismore NSW

We had a compliance visit on Wednesday and thanks to Centre Support, we complied in all areas… Much appreciated.”
Beryl Cappello,  Nominated Supervisor

Meadowbank Multipurpose Learning Centre, NSW

Order Now

  • $500 (emailed directly to you) including 12 months of policy updates.
  • Add $20 if you would like a copy on CD and by email
  • Group services, and owners of multiple services, please contact us for a quote.
  • Pay using cheque or EFT (upfront only), direct debit or credit card.

NQF Policy and Checklist Order Form

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