Policy Review

11 to 15 Feb 2019

Grievance Policy
Employees, volunteers and visitors will:
    • raise the complaint directly with the person concerned and not involve other educators, staff, volunteers or parents
    • raise the complaint with the Approved Provider/ Nominated Supervisor if they are unable to resolve the concern, or feel unable to raise the matter directly with the person concerned
    • raise any grievance involving suspected or actual unlawful activity (including bullying) with the Approved Provider or Nominated Supervisor immediately
Employees, volunteers and visitors will not:
    • get involved in complaints/ grievances that don’t concern them
    • raise complaints with an external complaints body without first using our grievance procedures
The Nominated Supervisor will:
    • discuss the issue with the complainant within 24 hours of receiving the complaint
    • properly, fairly, confidentially and impartially investigate the issue
    • invite the complainant to have a support person present during an interview
    • provide all affected parties with a clear written statement of the outcome of the investigation within seven working days of receiving the verbal or written complaint
    • store appropriate records of the investigation confidentially
    • protect the parties from victimisation
    • offer external review
    • request feedback on the grievance process using a questionnaire
    • track complaints to rectify identify recurring issues
    • notify the regulatory authority within 24 hours if a complaint alleges a serious incident has occurred or the National Law’s been breached.