Transition To School

Two principles of the Early Years Learning Framework are related to reciprocal relationships and partnerships with families and within the community. Partnerships are based on the expectations and strengths of both sides. Effective partnerships and positive relationships between families and educators are strongly linked to learning outcomes and smooth transitions between settings. For preschool children one of the major transitions they will make is to “big” school. The importance of this partnership can’t be underestimated, especially when it comes to managing the continuity of learning for children going to school.

There are many ways preschools can manage the transition to school, including regular visits to school by small groups of children who becoming involved in a range of activities. Children who have recently started school can also visit preschools and participate in projects and general play. This lets children talk about the process of transition, their expectations, difficulties and highlights. Effective transition programs result in shared understandings between children and educators and educators and families, and a program that can be adapted to meet each child’s needs.

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