Comprehensive review

How would you rate your Service’s environmental practices and sustainability? During our Sustainability Audit designed specifically for early childhood and OSHC environments we assess your sustainability practices in every area and room including outdoor play areas, bathrooms, kitchen, office and admin rooms and children’s rooms.  We look at how your practices protect the environment, how your actions affect others, and the cost and value of your actions.

Practical solutions

Audit reports are completed the day the audit is completed. Delivered as an action plan, our auditor will leave you with a list of recommendations and information, guidance and resources to implement best practice. With an action plan made available on the same day and reported by room in a user-friendly format with graphs benchmarking your performance, you’ll be able to get started on improvements immediately. Wherever you’re at, you’ll end up with new ideas to consider, and a better idea of what you may be rated for NQS Element 3.2.3 ‘Environmentally responsible’ based on current practices.

Building relationships

Get ready for your educators to love what you learn from the Audit as well. They’ll be able to use many of the ideas in the Audit to extend children’s learning, and to connect with families and the community. Relationship based learning is what the EYLF and MTOP are all about. So while you’re improving environmental practices, you’re also covering Quality Area 1 Education program and practice.  Isn’t it great when you can improve two things at once?