3.1.1 Fit for purpose


Outdoor and indoor spaces, buildings, fixtures and fittings are suitable for their purpose

This NQS element is very exciting when we push the boundaries. I’m going to showcase Everton Park Child Care & Development Centre in Queensland, which was rated as Excellent.

Make children work for you. The aim of the element says ‘to support each child’s access to indoor and outdoor environments, services  should have sufficient space,equipment and facilities that are fit for purpose and promote children’s learning and development. Well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces:

  • are flexible
  • are welcoming and accessible
  • reflect the diversity within the local and broader communities
  • support the health and safety of children, service staff and families

including supporting the access of every child

Now looking at the photos we can see boundaries pushed. For example health and safety is met as the girl is using a dust mask. The pallets allow for flexible uses, and as we can see with the young child climbing, they are accessible.

Again flexible use of material.

Above we can see how the service is promoting an understanding of and respect for the natural environment.



Exceeding theme 3: Practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and community

Create a mood board to display for families and seek their involvement in sourcing material. A mood board consists of images of ideas you like and want to explore further. The ideas can be radical or not directly related, but an aspect or feature that caught your eye.