Review of the NQF

In July, Centre Support made a submission to the Federal Government’s 2014 review of the NQF. The submission included 11 recommendations for changes to the NQF to address issues we have identified directly or through consultation with our customers.

It is very pleasing to see that many of our recommendations have been included in the Regulations Impact Statement (RIS) that has been released for public consultation.  An RIS assesses the impact of the proposed options for change. Some of the options include:

Centre Support RIS

Complexity of NQS

Reduce the number of NQS Quality Areas

Complexity of NQS

Reduce the complexity of the NQS through a draft revised Standard. The draft NQS in the RIS contains 15 standards and 40 elements (currently 18 standards and 58 elements)

Streamline requirements and common criteria

Streamline ratio and qualification requirements so all services are assessed against common criteria

Restrict any move for greater differentiation in the NQF across jurisdictions and ensure future changes provide increased unification of the NQF.

All Authorised Officers undertake professional practice in a centre for 6 weeks; 2 weeks in a baby’s room and 4 weeks in a Nominated Supervisor’s role.


Streamline requirements and common criteria

Streamline the  national approach to assessment and rating, including through supporting templates and documents and further rigorous training of authorised officers.


Expertise in particular settings

Authorised Officers with current practical experience in particular settings, for example 4 weeks as the Nominated Supervisor in an OSHC service, undertake assessments in that setting.


Expertise in particular settings

Amend Regulation 74 so that services that educate and care for children over preschool age must keep documentation about development of the program, rather than about individual children’s development


Do not amend Regulation 74 but retrain authorised officers to regulate and assess OSHC services in a manner that better recognises the context of OSHC services

Rating changes

Remove the overall service rating and rely on individual Quality Area ratings. Replace the ‘Working Towards’ rating level with a more positive term such as ‘within range’ or a code such as P1, P2 or P3.

Rating changes

Remove the Significant Improvement Required rating, with the quality assessment rating process ceasing where it is determined that there is an unacceptable risk to children’s health, safety or wellbeing


Retain the Significant Improvement Required rating but amend its definition so that it refers to a rating that may be applied if there is significant non-compliance, rather than where there is unacceptable risk to children

More information about the options and the RIS is available at http://www.deloitteaccesseconomics.com.au/uploads/File/FINAL%20Education%20Council%20-%20Consultation%20RIS%20for%20NQF.pdf



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