Staff Managment (HR)

Are your educators lacking passion?

We can help your educators get the passion back by teaching them how to create meaningful learning that they will enjoy doing. We teach them the proper way to document that is the real EYLF and takes less time. We can guarantee you that parents will read it, comment on it and add to it. Your educators will feel appreciated and in turn it will give them the energy and confidence to go even further. Call the office today on 1800 440 102 to book in an after work 2 hour In-Service. See the difference now. Get the passion back.

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2 Responses to Staff Managment (HR)

  1. Judith Taylor says:

    good morning,
    was reading centre support and came across
    suggestions for curriculum topics .and was called away.
    can you please head me in the right direction to find the topics again. thank judy.

    • Hi Judy

      I’m sorry but I can’t think of a list as such of curriculum topics we have. We promote a child led curriculum based on children’s interests and everyday lives. However, we do give lots of curriculum examples in our weekly learning activities etc.


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