Curriculum Audit & Action Plan

Curriculum Audit - The assessment cycle

Are your educators meeting the Regulations, NQS  and EYLF/MTOP learning outcomes when they document children’s learning? Is the cycle of planning and assessment obvious? We know from experience that many educators think they’re doing these things when they’re not – and this means you’re breaching Regulations. In our Curriculum Audit we take a detailed look at some of your documentation, and provide feedback with tips and ideas on easy ways to improve documentation so it shows exactly what children know, can do and understand and how educators extend the learning.

Focused feedback

Our auditor will ring you to discuss which documentation samples to submit,  review each and  then talk with you and the Educational Leader about what you’re doing well and how the documentation could be improved.  They’ll also rewrite and return your documentation samples  so you can use them to guide future documentation. Ultimately we want the Educational Leader to understand what’s required so they can coach and mentor your educators to write in a way that proves they’re meeting all requirements.

Connecting with families

The tips and strategies provided by our Auditor will  also show families exactly how their child is progressing towards learning outcomes and showcase all the wonderful work your educators actually do – and when families see this, they’re more likely to engage with their child’s learning, and share information about their child making it even easier to plan a meaningful curriculum.

A fresh and friendly set of eyes to ensure everyone’s meeting the regulatory and NQS requirements.