Customised Brochures

Educators put a lot of effort into the service environment, so why not dedicate some time to ensuring your communications and information looks good too?

Clear, researched resources with your service logo that  provide parenting and community information for families and  promote professional development  for your staff.

Build Connections

A well-organised and inviting information area will be a support to families, help you meet NQS elements like NQS 6.1.3 and double as a library of professional development resources for staff. Become the trusted source of reliable information for all the questions parents have about their child’s development and learning.

Our customised brochures cover topics families love to read about like behaviour, health issues, immunisation, sleeping, healthy eating, developmental milestones and special needs.

Information recommended by child education experts can help families navigate the information overload the internet brings, with simple, easy to follow advice and tips on parenting and help to answer their questions.

Save Time

It can take a lot of time to find, research and format high quality information for families, and subscriptions to things like journals can be expensive. With new information added constantly and brochures delivered in PDF, the brochure package also doubles as a great marketing tool for your service.

Be confident that the information you’ve provided is diverse, meets the needs of the families in your service and is something you’re proud to give families. If there’s anything you feel should be included, just ask us to write a brochure that all services might use at no extra charge.

You can also help staff grow by giving them the confidence to refer families to the resources and answer questions families have, saving you from being involved in every conversation at drop off and pick up.

Be Proud of your Service

Branding matters. Display your service in a consistent and professional manner with your service logo and contact information.

Just like  staff uniforms or street signage, providing professional documentation for your families or potential families shows that you’re serious about the business you’re in – providing high quality care and education for children!

Products that get your whole team on board.