A fresh and friendly set of eyes to ensure everyone’s safe and you’re meeting regulatory requirements.

Tailored for early childhood services and OSHC

Are you or your staff experts in Work Health and Safety,  Compliance, Sustainability, Food Safety and Hygiene or Curriculum? We know it’s difficult to be experts in so many different topics at once. That’s why we offer audits in these areas which are designed specifically for early childhood  and OSHC environments.  We work with you to discover what areas you’re doing well in and what areas need addressing.  For more information on our various Audits click here.

Supportive solutions

Audit reports are completed the day the audit is completed (except for our Curriculum Audit where we need a little longer to assess your documentation.) Delivered as an action plan, our auditor will leave you with a list of recommendations and if relevant information, guidance and resources to implement best practice.


Team involvement

Our independent, professional audits are conducted with the Nominated Supervisor to ensure all elements are understood and possible solutions identified. We also work with  other staff to gain better insight into their practices, and ensure they all work together as a team to meet all regulations and implement best practice standards.


WHS Audit and Action Plan

How safe is your service? Can you be sure you have everything covered and all potential risks have been removed or minimised? Sometimes it’s hard to see the dangers around us because we become so used to seeing things that we. Don’t let complacency lead to the injury of a child or adult at your service. How would you feel if something happened and it was your fault?
Understandably, there’s a huge focus on safety in the National Law, Regulations and NQS. In fact children’s safety, health and wellbeing is the first Objective mentioned in the Law. Don’t forget employers are also responsible for making sure workplaces are safe for both employees and the public under workplace safety laws. There can be substantial fines if employees or members of the public are hurt because of negligent or unsafe work practices.
Our WHS Audit looks at all the potential dangers you need to consider, and gives you an action plan to fix any concerns. Be confident that your children, families and employees are safe, and you want get caught out during assessment.

Compliance Audit and Action Plan

We understand there are a lot of National Laws and Regulations to get your head around, and you only have a limited amount of time. Are you confident you have everything covered? Could an assessor walk in and show you where you’re not meeting Regulations? All the wonderful teaching practices at your service may not be enough to save you from a Working Towards Rating. How will you explain to educators that all their hard work wasn’t recognised because the centre wasn’t meeting regulations?
During this audit we check you’re complying with all Regulations, and we give you an action plan to fix any identified issues. Confidence that you’re meeting all the regs and there won’t be any nasty surprises. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Sustainability Audit and Action Plan

How would you rate the practices at your centre that protect the environment? Are they best practice, the same as those in every other centre you know or maybe you don’t focus much on sustainable practices at all? Wherever you’re at, you’ll end up with new ideas to consider, and a better idea of what you may be rated for NQS Element 3.2.3 ‘Environmentally responsible’ based on current practices.
Get ready for your educators to love what you learn from the Audit as well. They’ll be able to use many of the ideas in the Audit to extend children’s learning, and to connect with families and the community. Relationship based learning is what the EYLF and MTOP are all about. So while you’re improving environmental practices, you’re also covering Quality Area 1 Education program and practice. Isn’t it great when you can improve two things at once?

Curriculum Audit

Are your educators meeting the Regulations and NQS when they document children’s learning? Is the cycle of planning and assessment obvious? Does the writing clearly show what children know, can do and understand, how educators extend learning, and how children are progressing towards the learning outcomes?
We know from experience that many educators think they’re going all of these things when they’re not – and this means you’re breaching regulations.
In our curriculum audit we take a detailed look at some of your documentation examples, and provide feedback with tips and ideas on easy ways to improve these records and make educators’ lives easier. Educators will thank you and you’ll be clear about just what’s required to document learning and comply with the Regs.

Food and Hygiene Audit

We know that food and hygiene is one area where educators and staff often have lots of concerns about whether their actions comply with the Regulations or are best practice from a health and safety point of view.
In this audit we take a detailed look at your food and hygiene practices to make sure they’re compliant and meeting best practice guidelines, and we give an action plan to address any identified issues. Be confident that your practices are the best they can be, that educators and staff understand what’s required and nothing will trip you up during assessment and rating.

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