Policy management made easy

Guide best practice, meet Regulations, keep everyone safe and get your weekends back!
Policy management is easy with our simple and logically presented templates.

Clear, compliant and customisable

Our policies are written specifically for each state/territory and comply with the National Law and Regs, NQS elements and EYLF/MTOP outcomes.

Policy management is made easy with simple and logically presented templates which you can customise for your service. Our policies are linked to all industry legislation as well as any relevant legislation outside of ECEC.

The policies contain sources for included information, cross-reference all other policies to ensure information is only ever written in one place, include a policy index, a space for next review date and include best practice guidelines or information.

With 12 months of updates included in the purchase price, it means you’ll no longer need to monitor for legislation updates, and you can be confident that your policies will meet all requirements for your assessment visit.

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Save time, money and effort

Policy writing takes a lot of time and it takes even more effort to stay on top of regulation updates and changes. Centre Support can give you your evenings and weekends back, and our team is also available to answer any of your policy questions.

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Our team becomes an extension of your team

We’re thinking you didn’t get into early childhood education to write legal documentation and monitor legislation, so let us do it for you.

Written and managed by a former Government Policy Writer, Centre Support’s policy package guarantees compliance to state and national legislation and gives you peace of mind.

Our team also becomes an extension of your team. Call us anytime you have a question about a policy, and if you have an idea or some feedback we agree could improve our package, we’re happy to write or update existing policies at no additional charge.

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Effectively manage your team

Up to date and compliant service policies give you the foundation to support your staff implement best practice across a range of areas including programming, work health safety, child protection and relationships with children.

Each policy includes an implementation section which covers why it’s needed, what is covered, how it will be achieved and who is responsible to ensure staff are accountable for their roles and understand the importance behind the practice or policy.

Our policies are linked to easy, simple to follow procedures so you can feel confident that your staff actions are  correct, meet regulations and best practice and keep your service safe.

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