WHS Audit & Action Plan

WHS Audit - A comprehensive review

How safe is your service? Sometimes it’s hard to see the dangers around us because we’re so used to seeing things as they are. How would you feel if something happened at your Service and it was your fault? During our WHS Audit designed specifically for early childhood and OSHC environments, we assess every room including the office, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, staff room and programming room and outdoor area to ensure you’re meeting WHS, Regulations and NQS. With each classroom audited individually, there’s time to work with each educator or room leader to assess and review their practices, and ensure they understand their role in delivering a safe environment for the children and staff in the service.

Feel confident

We look at the physical environment as well as policies, procedures and documentation related to safety such as chemical storage, immunisation, infectious disease to ensure your service has the correct process, documentation and reporting methods in place. Ultimately, we want to ensure that you’re well-equipped and informed so that you can make the changes you need in your service to provide a safe environment and achieve exceeding.

Practical solutions

Audit reports are completed the day the audit is completed. Delivered as an action plan, our auditor will leave you with a list of recommendations on anything that needs fixing, and information, guidance and resources to implement best practice. With an action plan made available on the same day and reported by room or area  in a user-friendly format with graphs benchmarking your performance, you’ll be able to get started on improvements immediately.