A&R preparation visit

A&R Preparation Visit

Do you think your assessment and rating visit is close? Maybe you’ve got the letter giving you notice of an impending visit. Don’t panic! Our trainers can quickly assess your service,  identify areas for improvement and help you implement processes which quickly get you where you need to be.

Feel confident during your A&R visit

An A&R Preparation Visit is like a fresh set of eyes reviewing each NQS element.  Our trainers use our A&R Preparation Pack as a guide to help ensure nothing’s missed and there aren’t any huge surprises during your A & R visit. The Pack covers each NQS element and includes short tips, checklists, examples and actions.  Trainers also provide tailored support based on the  particular  needs identified at your service and help you  address identified areas to improve the outcome of the rating visit.

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Don't panic

Do you think your A&R visit is close? Just received your A&R letter and not sure where to start? During an A&R Preparation visit our trainers will quickly identify areas where you need to improve and give you the structure to implement the changes before the assessor arrives, saving you hours of your own time and money. Take a huge weight off your shoulders.

“Mandy from Centre Support come and spend some time with us the week before our assessment. We found the time spent with Mandy valuable and put my staff at ease for our upcoming assessment and rating process.  Mandy suggested a couple of minor adjustments which we took on board and made the actual assessment and rating process less stressful. I would highly recommend having a Centre Support visit prior to assessment and rating.  Worth the money.”
Melinda Nolan, Director, Avalon Beach House Preschool

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Help your team achieve exceeding

Our A&R Preparation Visit will help remove the pressure from the Nominated Supervisor because it’s structured to get all staff onboard with the A&R process. Educators, Room Leaders and Educational Leaders are clearly shown how to quickly improve the environment and practice and in turn they gain confidence to talk to the Assessor about their practices.

“Matthew Stapleton visited my service this year in the capacity as early childhood education consultant through Centre Support. The whole team found Matt to be very helpful in supporting us to see our strengths and areas in which we could improve. Matt’s advice clarified our goals which fed into our QIP. Matt’s eye for professional practice and quality guided us as a team to work on making our teaching visible within our preschool community. We are excited to say that we recently received an Exceeding rating for our service.”
Sarah, Director, Coffs Harbour Preschool

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