Coaching Support

Be the best you can possibly be. Achieve exceeding and go home happy.

Coaching Support

We all need a little support now and then. Our trainers have many years experience working in centres just like yours, and know what it takes to achieve exceeding.  With a flexible approach they’re happy to cover any relevant topic area to ensure your centre is the best it can be. Coaching supported is conducted while your centre is open so we can work directly with you and the Educational Leader, or with a small group of 2-4 staff, while observing practice and compliance.

Save time and money

Our trainers are full of ideas and tips based on the most current knowledge and practice. Many are former or current directors of exceeding centres, and all love to share their knowledge to make things simpler, easier and better. They know exactly what assessors are looking for and can help you implement practices that meet those requirements. The coaching is more of a friendly discussion rather than a formal presentation where we’ll answer all your questions, provide guidance on compliance and best practice and give you lots of practical tips. With Centre Support coaching, you’ll  end up saving time and money.

Get everyone working as a team

Our coaching supports focuses on building both individual and team strengths. Imagine how many of your daily problems could disappear if teams functioned they way they’re supposed to and stopped running to the Nominated Supervisor to solve all their problems. Our trainers will help you put processes in place to ensure everyone does their job the right way the first time.

Products that get your whole team on board.