Clear, step-by-step procedures to help you manage your service, guarantee compliance and guide your team on best practice.

Don’t spend hours writing your own procedures. Cut your admin time and let us do the hard work for you. Clear and customisable, these templates will get you out of the office and help you get back hours in your day.

100+ procedures included

With procedures covering specific topics  related to hygiene, cleaning, safety, nutrition, transport, excursions,  medication, health, illness, emergencies, supervision and a whole lot more, you’ll be able to rely on staff to do their jobs properly and feel confident during assessment that you’ve checked all the boxes – compliance and best practice.

We’re also here to help. If you have any questions about the Procedures or their implementation, Centre Support’s team of experts can give you an answer.

Your ‘recipe’ to achieve exceeding

Delivered with your logo and fully customisable, the Procedure Package is written in plain English and delivered in a Word document for easy editing.

Our simple but comprehensive step by step procedures make it easy for educators, staff and Nominated Superviors to make sure nothing is missed, including some of those best practice actions that are often forgotten.

Free up your time

Nothing else like this is available on the market. Simple, step by step procedures covering everything from simple cleaning procedures to more complex issues like medical emergencies that link directly to your policies. You’ll free up your own time, improve teamwork and feel confident that your educator/staff actions are  always correct.

With clear and straightforward steps to follow for staff at all levels, you’ll be able to successfully manage your team and have time to do your own job.

Be confident that you’ll get a great result on your assessment visit and ensure that any changes that you’re introducing in your service are received positively by staff, families and management because you’ve backed them up with a clear process.

Guide and train your team

With effective policies and procedures in place, you’ll create an ongoing reference and training point for your team. You’ll be able to quickly induct new staff, reduce staff turnover and refer staff to the procedures so they can answer questions and solve problems independently.

Procedures will help you staff feel confident that they’re doing the right thing and embed quality practices into your everyday operations. For educators who need more training, underperforming educators or those who need more support to step up and take on responsibilities, procedures give a justification for all tasks they’re required to complete and remove emotion from the situation by taking their conversations, questions or complaints back to a logical and straightforward process.

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