Get EXCEEDING with Centre Support’s A&R Toolkit

We have a simple to use 40 week learning and reflection toolkit that ensures all educators know exactly what is expected from the NQS. Best of all the weekly learning activities help write your QIP weekly bit by bit ensuring there is no mad rush when you’re A&R letter arrives.

The weekly learning activities teach Room Leaders how to manage their Educators, set goals based on the NQS, create an environment where teams can function effectively, gives steps to coach, train and assess Educators, provides guidance on how to reflect and achieve NQS elements and get an exceeding rating. Call 1800 440 102 to order now. Learn more, click here. Watch Mel and Tamara explain how our  A&R Toolkit works.

 Policies and checklist

Policies that are always up to date with clear procedures to ensure you can show how you are embedding your practice to achieve exceeding

We have the best and most compressive Policies and Checklist to save you hundreds of hours of time and give you back your weekend. They come in an easy to modify document that takes very little time to make them suit your centre. Our policy writer Robyn was a former senior policy writer in the NSW government where she took what politicians wanted and turned it into law and regulations. With this level of expertise, Centre Support has the best and most compliant policies that meet the Regulations and best practice. Go on line to www.centresupport.com.au and order your up to date 2019 NQS policies now. Learn more, click here

Watch Mel Cox, Nominated Supervisor talk about the benefits of Centre Support’s policies

NQS preparation coaching

We all need a little support now and then. Sometimes you or your educators need a little support and help. We can coach and support you and your educators to ensure your centre is the best. At Centre Support, our focus is to build upon your strengths and your team’s strengths, so you can get the NQS rating you deserve.

Call the office today on 1800 440 102 to book in your NQS preparation coaching support. Learn more, click here

Has competition moved in to your area?

We know exactly what that’s like, and we can help you market your centre to be the best and always full. Call the office today on 1800 440 102 to book in a custom-made marketing course that suits your centre.

Audits and Action Plans

Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to see the little things you miss. This is where our audits can help you.

We complete the audit together by walking with you through your centre and we identify all the little things that could potentially pull your rating down.

We give you a detailed action plan for you to work through to address the issues we identified.

We are nothing like a licencing officer or assessor. We are here to help and support you, so you can achieve the very best.

Our Audits Included:

  • Compliance Audits to ensure you miss nothing.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Audits -great for QA2, QA3 & QA7
  • Sustainability Audits – great for QA3
  • Curriculum Audits great for QA1

Learn more, click here

Do you want your trainees to contribute to the learning and be the best?


If you want your educators creating learning like I’ve shown you enrol them with Centre Support’s registered training college called Australian Community Education College (ACEC). We conduct a 40-week Certificate III and a 40 week Diploma course that DOES NOT CUT CORNERS. We guarantee our Cert III trainees and Diplomas will be the best and know exactly what is expected of them. They will really know the Regulations, NQS and EYLF. All documentation that was shown today was produced by ACEC training college students. Most came from Cert III trainees. We know how to get the best from trainees. Give the help desk a call today on 1300 363 954 to sign up your Cert II and Diploma trainees. Learn more, click here

Do your job well, achieve exceeding, but don’t take it home.

Your family deserves better. That’s what Centre Support offers you.

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