Food & Hygiene Audit & Action Plan

Comprehensive review

We know that food and hygiene is one area where educators and staff often have lots of concerns about meeting Regulations and best practice. In this audit we take a detailed look at your food and hygiene practices including food preparation, storage and transportation, food related health and allergy procedures, pest control, cleaning and maintenance procedures, and personal hygiene requirements to make sure they’re compliant and meeting best practice guidelines.

Working with teams

Our auditor will look at food and hygiene procedures that are implemented in your kitchen and food preparation areas as well as food and hygiene procedures involved in the delivery and consumption of food in children’s rooms. There’s time to work with the cook and educators to assess and review their practices, and ensure they understand their role in implementing safe food practices and a hygienic environment.

Practical solutions

Audit reports are completed the day the audit is completed. Delivered as an action plan, our auditor will leave you with a list of recommendations on anything that needs fixing, and information, guidance and resources to implement best practice. With an action plan made available on the same day and reported in a user-friendly format with graphs benchmarking your performance, you’ll be able to get started on improvements immediately.