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HR Toolkit to achieve exceeding

We’ve all heard the term, but what exactly is human resources? It’s about managing people and our Toolkit makes sure you have the systems and procedures in place to do just that whether it’s recruiting quality staff,  managing their everyday performance and duties or completing formal appraisals. Our Toolkit provides the resources you need to get the most out of each member of your team.

“We couldn’t have done it without being members of Centre Support!”
Jacqui Taylor – Nominated Supervisor 

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Creating effective teams

Our HR Toolkit has an integrated system of core values, job descriptions, appraisal templates, easy step by step procedures and more to help you support educators be their very best.

And if you’re tired of hearing ‘that’s not my job’ or dealing with unprofessional behaviour, our job descriptions and core value statements leave no doubt about what’s expected. Use these together with processes like managing underperformance to create well functioning teams that can achieve exceeding outcomes.

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Employing the best educators

Don’t spend money on expensive third party recruitment agencies ever again. With professional templates to guide you through every stage of recruitment, including  interview questions so you can fairly benchmark every candidate against the criteria for the role, you’ll feel confident you’ve made the right hire every time.

Recruiting great staff can be timely and complicated and never comes at a great time. It can be easy to make a rushed decision just to get someone in to ease the extra workload that’s been created when someone leaves. Our HR Toolkit means you’re always prepared and can make decisions that you won’t regret.

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Focus on what's important

Our HR Toolkit lets you focus on recruiting and managing staff without worrying about the templates or processes you’ll use or how effective they’ll be.   We’ll save you starting from scratch and ensure that  all your documentation and processes show your service in the best possible light. Our editable Word templates, which include position descriptions, core values, interview scripts  and induction templates, and templates to help manage employee performance, will give you confidence that you haven’t forgotten any important steps or items.

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Keeping the best educators

Once you’ve hired the best staff it’s important to keep them engaged so they’re happy to stay and they don’t  just go through the motions to get their pay. Our HR Toolkit has the tools to help you.  For example, our induction programs  help your new employee get up to speed quickly and fit in with your team and operations. This ensures you won’t end up disappointed and back at square one.  Our performance appraisals also promote a stable workforce. They’re directly linked to position descriptions  and core values, so it’s clear what’s expected and how performance is assessed.   Processes like these create the consistency, security and opportunities for your staff to form a great team and feel confident in their roles.

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Managing underpeformance

What do you do where despite your best efforts there are problems with the performance of a team member? Our  HR Toolkit gives you a step by step process to follow and the templates you need to manage the underperformance.  And if you ultimately decide to terminate  a person’s employment, you’ll feel confident that you’ve followed the right process to counter any claims of unfair dismissal.

The HR Toolkit contains all you need in terms of templates and procedures to help you manage your staff and create a team that’s willing to go the extra mile.

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Products that get your whole team on board.