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Human Resources Toolkit

Contents of our HR Toolkit

1. Employing Staff 
Recruitment Procedure

2. Core Values 
How to develop a set of core values
Nominated Supervisor – Core Values
Educational Leader – Core Values
Early Childhood Teacher – Entry Level Core Values
Early Childhood Teacher – Experienced Core Values
Room Leader – Core Values
Educator – Core Values
Trainee – Core Values
Administration Manager – Core Values
Cook – Core Values

3. Position Descriptions 
Position Description: Nominated Supervisor
Position Description: Educational Leader
Position Description: Early Childhood Teacher – Entry Level
Position Description: Early Childhood Teacher – Experienced
Position Description: Room Leader
Position Description: Educator
Position Description: Trainee
Position Description: Administration Manager
Position Description: Cook
Who to talk to about what
What are your educators doing at any given time?

4. Selection Criteria 
Selection Criteria: ECT Entry Level
Selection Criteria: ECT Experienced
Selection Criteria: Educational Leader
Selection Criteria: Educator
Selection Criteria: Room Leader
Selection Criteria: Trainee

5. Advertise and Interview 
Internally first if appropriate, then externally
Shortlist applicants
Arrange suitable interview times
Nominated Supervisor – invite to interview
Interviewing new staff – the process of collecting and validating evidence
Interview Questions for Director/Nominated Supervisor
Interview Questions for Educational Leader
Interview Questions for Room Leader
Interview Questions for Teacher (Entry Level)
Interview Questions for Administration Manager
Interview Questions for Cook
Conduct Interview
Contact Referees

6. Offers of Employment Letters 
Fair Work Information Statement
Contract Details Form

7. Induction/Orientation 
8. Warnings and Staffing Issues
File Note: Verbal Warning Core Values
File Note: Verbal Warning Other
File Notes:

9. Managing Underperforming Staff 
Notice of Initiation of Performance Improvement Plan
Performance Improvement Meeting
Letter confirming ongoing employment
Letter confirming termination of employment

10. Termination and Exit Interview 
Exit Interview Form

11. Staff Appraisals 
Nominated Supervisor Appraisal
Educational Leader Appraisal
Room Leader Appraisal
Teacher Appraisal
Educator Appraisal
Administration Manager Appraisal
Cook Appraisal